Yarra Yarra Feb 2018

The first show of the year is under our belts and we’re all ready for what the rest of the show year will bring.

Lydia and Quinn showed at PSG to knock off the winter cobwebs and continued to polish their performance. 

Rachel and Spice made their 4th level debut.  They didn’t have their smoothest tests…but it certainly wasn’t their worst!  It was a good start to a big jump from 3rd to 4th for this pair this year.   Rachel also managed to jump over 3% from her first test to her second with some adjustments.  Lots of learning was had!

Hailey and Rubio went out at 3rd level and earned a qualifying score towards her Bronze medal.  Though they made a couple of little mistakes, they were two lovely tests she can be proud of!  Great job! 


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