Woodbridge June 2024

Back for another weekend of showing, this time Team BEST made the trip up to Petaluma. Three horse and rider teams went out this weekend with various goals and lots of successes. Mia and Dandy had a fantastic weekend together with their confidence in each other growing leaps and bounds. Mia won the Junior rider high point (whoohooo!) with a […] Continue Reading

Dressage Derby May 2024

We had a great time going out to CNDC for shows both Friday and Sunday with a lot of Team BEST. Lisa and Josephine showed up to support and help on Sunday as well and we really appreciate that! We also had the best horse show moms on hand in Renee and Kelly who were there to help make the […] Continue Reading

Yarra Yarra April 2024

We took a big group to Yarra Yarra this month. We’re all missing their reduction in shows badly…with everyone trying to go to the few we do have, it made for a busy show for us. In the morning Brenda and Trevor started it off with a bang at PSG. They went out for a huge result of 67.941% and […] Continue Reading

Dressage Derby April 2024

A couple of members of Team BEST drove up to Christiane Noelting Dressage last weekend for Dressage Derby and had a great learning experience! Despite no warm up and 4 broken ribs, Brenda and Willa pulled off three solid scores with a top score of 67.576% at 1st level (and a 1st in their class). Well done! Willa has continued […] Continue Reading

Golden State Dressage March Mania 2024

Brenda and Willa have some goals for 2024, so they went out to Murieta to get started with a bang! Big thanks to Heidi Gaian for the coaching and support! They made their 1st Level debut and Willa (as she always does) shined! At 1st Level Test 1, they achieved a fantastic 65.556% and a second place. At 1st Level […] Continue Reading

Golden State Dressage The Premier 2024

Jax and Rachel decided to start the show year off big by making the long trip to Rancho Murieta for the Golden State Dressage The Premier show. We have typically not gone to RM except for Championships as it’s a long trip, but with the loss of Yarra Yarra’s winter shows (sorely felt by all of us here at BEST), […] Continue Reading

Greenville October 2023

This past weekend team BEST went to Greenville for the last horse show ever there (sadness). However we had a great show with lots of learning for everyone. Big congrats to Chloe for successfully making it through her first show ever with some good scores! Also big congrats to Mia for going out with her new lease Dandy! They had […] Continue Reading

Little Willa went to the Championships!

Sounds like a child’s book title and kinda felt like a story book experience. Big beautiful amazingly talented horses with extraordinary movement were everywhere. So many scores of 70+ on the score boards!  This was Willa‚Äôs second time ever staying overnight away from home for a competition and to be in such a BIG atmosphere of excitement, colorful vendor tents, people, […] Continue Reading

Yarra Yarra September 2023

Team BEST smashed it out of the park this show! 5 blue ribbons. 5 scores over 70%! Two high point awards! To start off the day, Rachel and Jax continued their 1st level Freestyle crusade. They managed a 72% in their regular first level test of the day which earned them the CDS East Bay High Point award and the […] Continue Reading

Sonoma Summer Show 2023

Kelly and Tamale made the trip up to Sonoma for the show last weekend to gather some more scores for All Breeds this year and they did well. While not as relaxed as he is on his home turf (or at Yarra Yarra), Tamale continues to impress us with his growth. It’s so exciting to watch a young horse grow […] Continue Reading