Dancing Kings Sept 2020

BEST was busy this last weekend! Brenda and Andie Sue went down to Dancing Kings in Gilroy. Trevor had his last show at 2nd level. Him and Brenda got the 8 scores needed for all breeds champion, ending with a 68+ percent on his last test. Andie Sue with Sunny had another successful outing, showing the Para Equestrian Tests that […] Continue Reading

Twin Rivers Sept 2020

While Brenda was at Dancing Kings, Kyana was at Twin! It felt so good to be back at it after Quarantine. Every pair that went to Twin was a new match and did awesome.   Jess and Dandy did their first BN together and finished in 7th on their dressage score. Kaylan and Fable scored a 25.8 in dressage, Kaylan’s […] Continue Reading

Tri Valley Classic Sept 2020

While the majority of BEST was at Yarra Yarra kicking butt, Finn and Annika did the jumpers at the Tri Valley Classic (also in ridiculous heat) bringing home third and the TIP high point #teamBEST #jumpers

Yarra Yarra Sept 2020

Team BEST had an awesome show yesterday at Yarra Yarra. 6 riders and 7 horses braved the 110 degree heat and smoke to get in some fabulous rides! Well done everyone! #teamBEST #dressage #horseshow Andie Sue rode two horses in this heat…and she did it with style! She and Sunny did two paradressage tests with some really super scores (a […] Continue Reading