Yarra Yarra September 2023

Team BEST smashed it out of the park this show! 5 blue ribbons. 5 scores over 70%! Two high point awards! To start off the day, Rachel and Jax continued their 1st level Freestyle crusade. They managed a 72% in their regular first level test of the day which earned them the CDS East Bay High Point award and the […] Continue Reading

Sonoma Summer Show 2023

Kelly and Tamale made the trip up to Sonoma for the show last weekend to gather some more scores for All Breeds this year and they did well. While not as relaxed as he is on his home turf (or at Yarra Yarra), Tamale continues to impress us with his growth. It’s so exciting to watch a young horse grow […] Continue Reading

Woodside August 2023 Results

BEST Instructor Sophie Tice went to Woodside with her own horse Viva and with BEST horse Wesley. Wesley was being shown Open Novice to prep him for sale due to his owner moving across the country for college, and he did not disappoint. They landed in 2nd place (of 25 entrants) after a beautiful dressage test (26.9). They had an […] Continue Reading

Yarra Yarra August 2023

Team BEST went to Yarra Yarra to work towards some big goals coming up for the end of the season. Brenda and Willa completed their final score to qualify for USDF Regional Championships and will be headed that way in September. They’ll be showing in both the USDF and CDS classes at Training Level. Kelly and Tamale headed out at […] Continue Reading

SF Peninsula Chapter Show 2023

Again a solo outing for Brenda this show, but she took her long time partner Panterra to debut their new 4th Level Freestyle. It was a successful debut with a few little mistakes, but both good scores for each ride and they got done what they wanted to get done! Brenda is looking forward to showing this Freestyle at CDS […] Continue Reading

Dancing Kings July 2023 Wrap Up

A quiet show weekend, only Brenda made the trip down to Dancing Kings this past weekend. Her goal – get a qualifying score for USDF Regional Championships for Willa. Well…she and Willa delivered with a 72% – a show High Point! They were so pretty they won the Best Turn Out Award as well! Well done Willa! Thank you to […] Continue Reading

Yarra Yarra July 2023

As is usual, this was hot show! Both in terms of temps and the amount of riders we brought from team BEST! We had 4 horse and rider pairs go out and brave the heat and extra VSV precautions and it went well. In the morning, Trevor and Brenda started it off with two more solid PSG tests with a […] Continue Reading

Marin Chapter Show May 2023

Two team BEST horse and rider pairs made their 2023 debut this show making a day of it at the Marin Chapter Show. These two junior riders have horses that aren’t always well behaved. As you can imagine for the first show of the year, there was some naughtiness, but both riders did well despite that. We were so impressed […] Continue Reading

Yarra Yarra April 2023

It was a quiet show this time for BEST with only Brenda and Trevor making the trip this time. They had their second outing at PSG with some improved scores and improved rides. He’s getting closer to the scores he needs to try for his 5th year in a row with All Breeds. If you didn’t know, Trevor has spent […] Continue Reading

Greenville April 2023

Two members of Team Best made the trip out to Greenville this month despite continued difficulties with the weather this year! Julie and Pearl continued their development of Training level together with two good tests and two blue ribbons. They also are now qualified for RAAC. Congratulations Julie! Trevor made his Prix St. Georges debut with Brenda!!! This little Arabian […] Continue Reading