I was Fox Hunting with the Los Altos Hounds when I met Brenda Beare and I wanted to learn how to jump so that I could ride first field with my horse Cheyenne.  Right from the beginning Brenda made me relax.  I was nervous about jumping because I had taken a couple of spills and Brenda has worked me through it. I have learned so much from Brenda not just jumping but basic equitation as well. I look forward to learning more in each lesson.Nicole Vernon


I have been with Beare Equestrian for almost 6 years.  While with BEST, I have grown tremendously in my riding skills and have enjoyed taking lessons from Brenda. She is a great instructor & coach. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. With Brenda, I went from schooling Training level to showing Prix St. Georges in just three years on her school master and earned my USDF Bronze.  When he passed away suddenly, Brenda arranged a lease for me with a suitable horse and she has spent the last 3 years teaching me to train him up the levels (we’re now showing 3rd).  If you like a trainer that will take the time to explain theory and position, give you clear direction, fixes and exercises, listen to questions and work with your individual needs, look no further. Rachel Masen


I met Brenda when I was looking into leasing a horse near my home.  She had a horse available that matched my experience and my goal to take some lessons to refresh my riding skills. When I purchased my own horse I was able to move him into Brenda’s program which I knew would be a good fit because of her understanding and experience with Thoroughbreds. Last winter she helped us through some rough patches using her wide knowledge and experience as a trainer.  She has been amazing in helping us develop as a team – taking a very inexperienced horse and a very rusty rider – and helped prepare us to qualify for and compete at the CDS Regional Adult Amateur Competition this year.

I  have seen Brenda work well with riders of all ages and experience, and with horses and riders at different levels with unique challenges.  Her positive attitude, clear and insightful teaching methods and wealth of experience make her a great choice for someone looking to improve their riding and enjoy the process.Jan Mahoney

After having changed my horse’s career from endurance to dressage, I started taking lessons from Brenda Beare in late 2009. By the Spring of 2012, we were showing at ‘second level’ with scores in the mid sixties. Brenda is a fantastic teacher through whom I learned to ride independently and confidently. She has the ability to understand and adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of different breeds as well as the diversity of their riders.Madeleine Kirsch
I started riding with Brenda a little over a year ago.  After a 15 year hiatus, I decided I wanted to start riding again and I was not sure of my abilities after such a long time.  I was a little bit nervous and also not as brave, but when I met Brenda, she said she had just the horse for me – and she was right!  Her horse Salsa is the perfect combination – she is very safe, but has personality, and has the training to move with me as I increase my own skills.

Brenda is also a fantastic teacher, for both beginners and advanced riders.  I am working my way back up to being an advanced rider and Brenda has the patience and the ability to instill confidence that I need.  She is able to explain, describe, and demonstrate movements, body position, and concepts clearly and in a variety of ways, so it is easy to understand what she is teaching.  In addition, she has achieved so much in her own training and riding that I know she will always be able to take me to the next level.  Brenda’s humor and relaxed nature make my riding experience simply a lot of fun!Randi Frankle