Greenville August 2021

Rachel and Brenda went to Greenville this weekend while the rest of the crew is at Woodside! All four scores were good and got each pair to their yearly goals. Well done Jax and Trevor! They love each other!

Woodside August 2021

What a fun and educational weekend at Woodside! We had a small group since school started early this year (what’s up with that?!) but we had a great cheering section! Weekends like this really remind me how lucky we are, so grateful for our fabulous team!

Woodside The Summer Event 2019

While Brenda was off kicking butt with Trevor, BEST was also at Woodside! What a great great weekend with awesome people. Here are the highlights: Olivia and Shea completed her first BN ending on her dressage score of 29.8 in 4th place! Nadia and Sunny also made their BN debut ending on their dressage score and putting in there best […] Continue Reading

Fond Farewells!

We said goodbye to both a rider and a horse this week.  We knew Lydia was leaving to go to her new fancy working student job down in the San Diego Area after graduating, what we didn’t know is that Quinn would sell within a week of her packing her bags and moving off.  Now we have two big holes […] Continue Reading

August Show Wrapup 2017

BEST went to three different shows in August, so we’ve been busy we decided to wrap them all up at once! Greenville – Rachel attempted to finish her Bronze scores in two shows, but came up a little short due to both horse and rider feeling a bit sluggish that day.  Solid attemps though and they will get the scores […] Continue Reading

Brian Sabo Clinic August 2017

BEST had more great clinic rides with Brian Sabo this week! Every time he comes we learn so much from him. We’re already using all of our new tools from this week’s sessions to great success! We cannot wait to see him next month for more fantastic coaching. Thank you Brian!     This month Lydia and Lamson worked on […] Continue Reading

CDS Jr. Champs 2017

Lydia and Quinn went to their final Jr. Championships together this year and we are all a little bit sad about it.  This pair was 1st level Champion last year, so we had high hopes for them again.  Jumping from 1st level to 3rd level this year, Lydia and Quinn started the weekend strong with a test run on Friday […] Continue Reading

June Dressage Derby

Moving on up!! This past weekend we took a couple of BEST riders to show at Christiane Noelting’s June Dressage Derby.  Both horses and riders were moving up a level.  Brenda rode Belle in her first 2nd level tests and won both of her classes (and won the money class).  Molly rode Belle at their first attempt at 2nd level […] Continue Reading

Staying Motivated

Read my article published by CDS East Bay on Staying Motivated After a Disappointing Ride. Staying Motivated after a Disappointing Ride – Brenda Peters-Beare