At Beare Equestrian we believe in creating a harmonious bond between horse and rider. In our program we focus on establishing a strong riding foundation to build on. We encourage our students to ask questions and give them room to learn at their own speed. You must allow horses and rider both to grow thorough lessons and training in order to make a great partnership that lasts.

The utmost priority at B.E.S.T. has been and will always be the health and well-being of the horse as well as the safely of every horse and rider combination that we have the pleasure of working with. We pride ourselves on doing just that while having an absolute blast! Each training program is tailored for that purpose to help everyone reach their riding goals.

We love and accept horses and riders of all levels and breeds.

Services Offered

BEST offers riding lessons and horse training in dressage, eventing and jumping. We offer a number of quality lease and lesson horses of various breeds and training levels. We also accept trailer-in riders for lessons on their own horses. To get our clients ready for shows we offer help with developing freestyles and competition preparation.   On show days, BEST offers coaching, competing of client horses and limited transportation to shows.

We also offer training and sales preparation for your horse and we are happy to assist you in your search for your perfect partner.

Riding Lesson Packages

Single Lessons

$110 – Includes Lesson Horse and Equipment
$75 – on Lease Horse or Personal Horse

Monthly Lesson Package (on Lesson Horse)

$400 – 4 lessons
$760 – 8 lessons

Monthly Lesson Package (on Lease Horse or Personal Horse)

$300 – 4 lessons
$520 – 8 lessons

 All levels and breeds welcome.

Leasing Horses

We are happy to offer quality horses for lease/sponsorship.  Please contact for pricing and to confirm horse availability.

Sales Horses

We have a successful track record of selling quality sport horses.  We are happy to consign your horse for you and prepare for sale.  We are also happy to assist you in the purchase of your next partner.

Horse Training Packages

Single Training Rides – $65 a sesson

Monthly Training Package (on Lease Horse or Personal Horse)*
50% Lessons At Most – A session is either a lesson or a training ride

$560 – 12 sessions
$680 – 16 sessions
$800 – 20 sessions

*Graining, blanketing, fly masks, turnouts, hand walking, clipping, etc. is not included in the monthly training packages and are available for an additional fee.

Coaching and Shows

Coaching available at competitions for a daily fee of $75 a rider.  Travel fees and accommodations extra.

We also offer limited hauling to shows as well.  Please contact for pricing.


Beare Equestrian Services & Training is available to put on clinics. Shiloh West also offers regular monthly clinics with Heidi Gaian. Please contact for pricing and dates.


We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for all sessions and lessons.  If you cancel less than 24 hours before the lesson, you will be charged.

 All fees are due at time of service or before.

All packages must be used within 30 days of purchase including make ups.

We try very hard not to cancel appointments.  If a lesson needs to be altered, we try and adjust time or find a replacement instructor if that is necessary.

In the event that we need to cancel due to an emergency situation, serious illness, dangerous weather or other reason and you have a prepaid credit to cover the lesson, we will schedule a make up lesson date and time.

Anyone handling a horse must fill out a ​Release of Liability​ and ​Medical Information Form​.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.