Woodbridge June 2024

Back for another weekend of showing, this time Team BEST made the trip up to Petaluma. Three horse and rider teams went out this weekend with various goals and lots of successes.

Mia and Dandy had a fantastic weekend together with their confidence in each other growing leaps and bounds. Mia won the Junior rider high point (whoohooo!) with a super 65.962%. All three tests were lovely. Well done Mia!

Chloe and Fable went out with three solid and improved tests. This pair continue to improve every show and are showing how much they have learned in such a short time. They did a great job! Keep up the good work Chloe!

Last but not least, show mom Kelly was also showing herself today with Tamale. Tamale was quite nervous and a handful for his first two tests (with tactful and nice riding by Kelly). They then had a nice relaxed test after he was all worn out!

Good learning was had by everyone again and we’ll be out showing next at CNDC in a couple of weeks!


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