Dressage Derby May 2024

We had a great time going out to CNDC for shows both Friday and Sunday with a lot of Team BEST. Lisa and Josephine showed up to support and help on Sunday as well and we really appreciate that! We also had the best horse show moms on hand in Renee and Kelly who were there to help make the day easier.

Caballo Cookies (Mia’s business) was a show sponsor and sold their cookies on Sunday (and sold out)! Caballo Cookies is also one of our sponsors and appreciate their support!

We’re very proud of Mia and Chloe this weekend. They both showed a lot of improvement and good sportsmanship.

Mia and Dandy had some really lovely rides and some very good scores this weekend and were able to get a score to qualify for Jr Championships as well! They’ve had a ton of improvement in their short partnership and everyone better watch out! She’s coming for your blue ribbons.

Speaking of big improvements, Chloe and Fable did fantastic for their second show with a ton of improvements! Chloe hasn’t been at riding for long, but she has come so far so quickly with Fable and we continue to be impressed with her hard work. We see lots of amazing things in the future for the pair.

Willa continues to impress. Willa and Brenda got some solid scores to go towards her All Breeds Awards for this year at 1st level.

Friday was a little spooky with some weird weather and strong winds and Trevor and Jax weren’t feeling their optimum.

Rachel and Jax had another tricky ride at 4th level with nothing quite coming through the way it does at home, but their 3rd Level Freestyle was much improved with a solid score there. It was a nice relaxed ride and a large improvement over their 1st test after Jax settled in.

Trevor was unfortunately feeling very spooky this weekend between the wind and a large enthusiastic dog and unfortunately it wasn’t quite there like he normally is, but the PSG continues to come along nicely with him and we’re looking forward to the rest of the season.

We’re looking forward to the next show (which is coming up soon). Show season is well underway now with everyone trying to get qualified for championships and awards and we’re all looking forward to it!


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