Yarra Yarra April 2024

We took a big group to Yarra Yarra this month. We’re all missing their reduction in shows badly…with everyone trying to go to the few we do have, it made for a busy show for us.

In the morning Brenda and Trevor started it off with a bang at PSG. They went out for a huge result of 67.941% and a gorgeous, smooth test. They followed that up with another good test. Trevor is officially a very capable PSG horse! Whoohoo! Congrats to his mom Cindy and Brenda.

Next up came Rachel and Jax in their 4th Level debut. Unfortunately Jax was not feeling super cooperative on the day due to some close calls in the warm up, so it wasn’t up to their normal standard. However, their second test (their first attempt at a 3rd Level Freestyle) was MUCH improved and they landed a fantastic 70%. Well done Rachel

Next came Mia with Dandy. They had two nice training level tests coming off an almost 6 month break since their last show. There’s been a lot of improvement for the pair and some gorgeous moments and a good 60% (which is a great benchmark). We’re looking forward to watching them continue to develop their partnership. Nice work Mia!

Next was Lisa and Layla. This was our first show with Lisa an Layla on the team and they did fantastic! Not only that…they looked great in their deep red! They two lovely tests at 1st level with great scores (and her highest at 1st level yet. A 65%+ and a 64%+!), however their second test they were eliminated for an equipment issue, and we all learned a lesson with that one! Gorgeous tests both though and she should be very happy with her work with Layla. Congratulations!

Lastly was Kelly and Tamale at 1st level. Tamale was way more chill this show and did a lovely job in both of his tests. He earned his highest score yet at first level with a 66. 667%! Good boy to our baby horse of the group. He also did a great job entertaining all of us his with his goofball antics. Well done Kelly!


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