Golden State Dressage The Premier 2024

Jax and Rachel decided to start the show year off big by making the long trip to Rancho Murieta for the Golden State Dressage The Premier show. We have typically not gone to RM except for Championships as it’s a long trip, but with the loss of Yarra Yarra’s winter shows (sorely felt by all of us here at BEST), we have had to look further afield for opportunities to show.

Rachel and Jax managed a good showing debuting their 2nd Level freestyle (66.55%) despite less than ideal sound conditions (one speaker…tractors…and loud road noise). Rachel made a goal for herself last year to work on her Bronze Freestyle Bar (as she and Jax are qualified to do 1st-3rd freestyles now) and after this show, they’re officially half way with both 1st level scores earned and 1 2nd level score earned.

They warmed up for their freestyle with a 3rd level Test 3. They earned a solid 63.75% with a few bobbles. Most importantly…they got both of their flying lead changes which has not happened at a show yet. Well done Jax!


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