Yarra Yarra September 2023

Team BEST smashed it out of the park this show! 5 blue ribbons. 5 scores over 70%! Two high point awards!

To start off the day, Rachel and Jax continued their 1st level Freestyle crusade. They managed a 72% in their regular first level test of the day which earned them the CDS East Bay High Point award and the Barons High Point award! Well done! In their freestyle, they scored a 73.353%! Rachel locked up her 1st level scores for her Freestyle Bronze Bar and her final first level score for her Bronze Medal with distinction. A nice ending to a show year! Onwards to 2nd level freestyle (and 4th level)!

Kelly and Tomale were not to be outshown. They managed THREE 70%+ at Training level (70.172%, 71.379% and a 71.4%)! As you can see Kelly was just a touch under Rachel for high point (and would have nabbed her if not for an error). What a pair! Three lovely, solid tests for our baby horse Tomale. This should wrap up an excellent shot for an All Breeds medal for the pair this year! Congratulations Kelly on all your hard work with Tomale. The future is bright! Looking forward to watching you at 1st level in 2024!

While team BEST still has some showing to do this year, this is the final show for both of these pairs this year (we think). Rachel may change her mind if she gets her 2nd level freestyle redone by October.


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