Yarra Yarra July 2023

As is usual, this was hot show! Both in terms of temps and the amount of riders we brought from team BEST! We had 4 horse and rider pairs go out and brave the heat and extra VSV precautions and it went well.

In the morning, Trevor and Brenda started it off with two more solid PSG tests with a lot of pretty moments, but the changes still get Trevor a little excited, so there’s more work to do for him at this level.

Rachel and Jax debuted their 1st Level Freestyle to Robin Hood music (Rachel is working on her Freestyle Bar). Rachel put the music and floorplan together herself in just a couple of months of working on it and only two practice rounds to music before performing it. They got a good score for their efforts with some tweaks to be made for their next show. Rachel and Jax also showed 1st Level Test 3 and walked away with just shy of a 71% for the Barons Reserve High Point. This was Rachel’s first score over 70% at a recognized show. Congrats Rachel!

Next was Mia and Fable. Mia unfortunately was feeling the heat badly and worked to get through her test and scratched her second test. It’s always better to err on the side of caution and not push it and save things for another day! No show is worth heat stroke, but we appreciate Mia’s try and enthusiasm she brings to her rides with Fable. We’re looking forward to the next show for this pair so they can continue to show off what they’re working on at home.

Last to go was Kelly and Tamale and they produced two beautiful, calm rides! They earned a 65% and just shy of a 68% at training level. Great scores for this hot young eventing horse! This team has a bright future!

Thank you to everyone and their families for making it a great show! Big thanks to Yarra Yarra and Laurie for putting on another great, well run show. Also big thanks to CDS East Bay Chapter for their warm up ring table to help us with finishing touches!


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