Halloween One Day – Twin Rivers 2022

For many reasons the Halloween one day at Twin is one of our favorite shows of the year. The costumes were so fun and the girls all did great!

Alyssa and Al (Tinker Belle and Peter Pan) finished on their dressage score, double clean for both jumping phases in the intro HT C. So proud of how far this pair has progressed so quickly!

Camille and Bagel (Aurora and Samson) finished 4th on their dressage score in the Intro HT B. Fast and clean!

Sam and Emma (Linguine and Ratatouille) did their first event together and ended 3rd in the Intro HT B. They are ready for Fresno!

Kyra and Juniper (Bambi and Thumper) finished 3rd in the Intro CT and their second show together. Kyra did a great job keeping Juniper focused as it is was his first time at Twin!

Ailee and Raleigh (Merida and Angus) competed in their first show together as a new pair and ended 2nd in the Intro CT. Can’t wait to watch their partnership grow!


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