RAAC 2022

RAAC was at Woodside this year! It was spectacular weather, a great facility and well run. We had a great time. This year we had two riders from Team BEST ride at RAAC and a large cheering team on Saturday.

Bianca and Dandy did 5 tests over the two days at First Level. Bianca did a lovely job with the fiesty Dandy for some really steady and flowing rides. They also had a nice ride and good 2nd place in their Dressage Seat Equitation class.

Jess and Quinn had 4 tests over two days at Training Level. They had lovely rides and they will be unbeatable once they get some more time together! This young mare has a bright future.

Quinn did another class with Brenda as well at 1st level to practice at that level with a good score despite Quinn feeling her oats in the class.

We’re looking forward to RAAC next year already!


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