Woodside May 2022

So much fun to see the new xc courses at Woodside!

Amelia M and Lucky had a fabulous weekend at BN, just adding some time to their score for having a little too much fun on xc!

Lauren and Tiny finished on their dressage score in their first show together and Tiny’s 2nd event ever!

Amy and Kaz had their best dressage ever and minus a baby moment on xc had exceptional progress all around. Can’t wait to watch them move up very soon

Jacy and Bo really improved their dressage and stadium. Just a little time xc on the new course but super impressed with their progress as a team!

Kinley and Wes put in a solid dressage test in their first training together followed by a flawless double clean xc

And lastly Amelia K and Pluto came along as a non comp to see how the show environment was and they did fabulous. Can’t wait for them to start showing themselves very soon!

Thank you to all the parents and other clients who came to cheer their teammates on!


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