RAAC 2021

This year’s RAAC was very interesting to say the least with the 100 degree temps and the very bad smoke.

Friday was pretty clear so all three riders competed.

Jess and Dandy had their best 1st Level test ride ever with everything being smooth and lovely. It was a great way for this team to go out (as Jess has purchased her own horse to ride for next year). Jess decided to scratch on Saturday from her RAAC class because of the bad smoke at her ride times, but she can be proud of her fabulous ride she had on Friday.

Bianca and Briggan had a lovely solid test on Friday at training level, a good ride in the AA Equitation class (a 68%) and a smooth, elegant test for their RAAC class on Saturday for a 3rd place (with some big scores for 1st and 2nd).

Rachel and Jax had an good training ride on Friday (it was Jax’s first away show and he was nervous) and a nice AA Equitation class for a 69%. Rachel also chose to scratch Saturday due to the extreme AQI in the morning.

We are proud of all three of our RAAC riders for putting in all the effort and time to get here this year. Just making it to RAAC is an achievement and we know that if Jess and Rachel had chosen to ride, they would have had great ones on Saturday. We had a great time getting to spend time with each other, eating yummy dinners and looking after the horses.


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