Yarra Yarra June 2021

We had a bit of a rough show this past weekend, but learning happened for everyone in some form or another.  We all had a great time showing in a group again without masks and with spectators again!  It was a wonderful day spent with wonderful people!

Bianca and Briggan managed a lovely test with no warm up!  Imagine what they could have done with one!

Melisse and Briggan had two very nice tests as well and are really improving each test.

Jax had a rough day and we had to scratch him from his later rides with Clare unfortunately.  We will have to save him for another day.  Rachel did find out that she and Jax were Reserve High Point for Barrons for the May show and Tri-Valley High Point as well for that show, so that’s two high point shows out of three for them this year, even if today was a bust.

Trevor showed a little more tension than normal in his rides with Brenda, but they had two solid and clean tests.






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