Yarra Yarra February 2021

BEST had a great show in February at Yarra Yarra.


Amy and Guinness did training level and 1st level  (at their first dressage show together) and ended up with a 65% and 65.345% for 1st place and a 2nd place.  Well done!!


Jess and Dandy also did a training level and 1st level test (their first show of the year and first time at 1st level).  They ended up with a 64.615% and a 65.143% for 2 2nd places!  Great job!


Brenda took Trevor out for his first time at 3rd level with a 2nd place and a 1st place with two good scores for a first time at the level (62.125% and 63.875%) and some lovely judge comments.

We’re are looking forward to the next show!



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