Yarra Yarra Sept 2020

Team BEST had an awesome show yesterday at Yarra Yarra. 6 riders and 7 horses braved the 110 degree heat and smoke to get in some fabulous rides! Well done everyone! #teamBEST #dressage #horseshow

Andie Sue rode two horses in this heat…and she did it with style! She and Sunny did two paradressage tests with some really super scores (a 68% and a big old 70.417% )!!!! The judge came down from the judge box to tell her what a beautiful ride it was. Well done!  She also showed Blue with great success at Training level (test 2 and 3) (67.795% and 68.966%)! She was on fire this show!

Rachel and Jax went out at 1st level Test 3 (x2) and did well with a 61.944% and a 64.583%.

Mandy had her first show back in a decade! She rode Bo beautifully at Opportunity Training Level (test 1 and 2) with a 66.154% and a 66.207%! It was a super first show for the pair!

Jess rode Dandy for their first show together also at Opportunity Training Level (test 1 and 2) with a 66.154% and a 60.345%. They were lovely and had a great first show together also!

Olivia and Shea went out at 1st Level and managed two solid tests despite Shea being completely wiped out by the heat. Next time it won’t be 110+ degrees!

Brenda and Trevor went out at 2nd level and got two scores over 60%.


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