Fresno April 2019

Fresno 2019

Heather Kozy and Dream checked an item off of the bucket list this weekend.  They competed and finished (placing 6th) in a full phased 3 Day Event!

Dressage wasn’t their best test, but they had a great time on Endurance day and Dream proved exactly why Thoroughbreds are the kings of long-format.   Dream was a beast on Steeplechase (oh please let us get to do this phase again!).  After a quick recovery it was on to XC.  Dream enthusiastically pulled Heather around XC and they made the time and went clear!!!!  In the show jumping phase she felt he was a bit tired., and they finished with 4 faults dropping them to 6th place overall.

Well done Dream and Heather and we’re so impressed you went out there and checked this bucket list item off Heather!!!

Fresno 2019


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