Starr Vaughn Nov 2018

Our trip to Starr Vaughn this month was an exciting one to say the least!

Molly and Belle earned the last score towards Molly’s Bronze medal, despite Molly being very sick and almost missing the show!  Great job!

Both Spice and Rachel and Sunny and Laura made their debuts at Prix St Georges!  Both pairs had a great time despite the tense environment and horrible smoke to dance around the arena for their first times at the FEI levels.  Congrats on reaching your goals and all your hard work ladies!  Keep it up and you’ll get those scores for Silver in no time!

Sunny and Laura also showed at 4th level and got SO close to getting a 60%.  Just a couple little mistakes in the pirouettes kept them from that 60%. 

Haley showed both Rubio (4th level) and Chief (1st level) and she earned her Bronze medal and her CDS Sapphire GEM.


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