August Show Wrapup 2017

BEST went to three different shows in August, so we’ve been busy we decided to wrap them all up at once!

Greenville – Rachel attempted to finish her Bronze scores in two shows, but came up a little short due to both horse and rider feeling a bit sluggish that day.  Solid attemps though and they will get the scores next time out.   Lydia and Lamson went out at 1st level in their first 3* show and did quite well with scores above 60% despite some naughtiness on the part of a feeling good Lamson.

Dressage in the Almonds – Lydia and Quinn made their first outting at PSG and it was a good learning experience for them both and Lydia looked gorgeous in her first show wearing a shadbelly!  

Show season will be wrapping up soon with only a few more shows on the calendar!  Cannot wait to see what these ladies accomplish by the end of the season!



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