BEST Team Show Results

Dressage Team

Brenda and Trevor – 4th level  – USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist

Rachel and Jax – 3rd Level – USDF Bronze Medalist

Bianca and Dandy – 1st Level

Clare and Jax – 1st Level

Kelly and Avatar – 1st Level

Jess and Quinn – Training Level

Anna and Fritz – Training Level

Melisse and Briggan – Training Level

Mia and Fable – Training Level

Eventing Team

Kyana and Bo – Intermediate

Amy and Guinness – Training

Kinley and Wesley – Training

Amy and Kaz – Novice

Annika and Finn  – Novice

Jacy and Bo – Novice

Ash and Dandy – Beginner Novice

Kaylan and Fable – Beginner Novice

Anna and Fritz – Beginner Novice

Amelia and Lucky – Beginner Novice

Lauren and Tiny – Beginner Novice