Ride Advanced Physio Clinic Sept 2022

10 of us lined up yesterday to have sessions with @horseandriderpt @rideadvanced . We all had great sessions and are looking forward to having Lucy back out soon! #1 lesson learned…we are all crooked in some way or another. No one is symmetrical! Looking forward to the improvements in position for everyone in the next few months.

Yarra Yarra Sept 2022

It was a quiet show with only Amy and Kaz electing to go this time, but it was a good one! Amy and Kaz had their first straight dressage show together and went out at 1st level. They walked away with two stellar scores of 69.48% and 67.93% and two blue ribbons!!! Well done Amy and your beautiful baby horse!

Greenville August 2022

Greenville was quiet this weekend with only Trevor and Brenda electing to show. However it was a good one! Brenda and Trevor have been working this year to qualify for 4th Level All Breeds to continue his winning streak…and today they firmed that up with two solid scores at 4th level Test 3! Trevor is officially qualified for Arabian All […] Continue Reading

Yarra Yarra August 2022

With RAAC over, we have a few new faces coming to the dressage shows! Eventing legend Bo went out at 1st level straight dressage with Jacy with two solid scores and two first place ribbons taken home! They were nice, relaxed tests. Well done you two! Young horse Tamale and his new owner Kelly had their first show together (and […] Continue Reading

RAAC 2022

RAAC was at Woodside this year! It was spectacular weather, a great facility and well run. We had a great time. This year we had two riders from Team BEST ride at RAAC and a large cheering team on Saturday. Bianca and Dandy did 5 tests over the two days at First Level. Bianca did a lovely job with the […] Continue Reading

Yarra Yarra July 2022

It was a cold, windy and drizzly January day for our July show at Yarra Yarra this year. No complaints about the weather! We were happy to wear our show coats today. Brenda and Trevor went out at their first attempt at the test no one wants to do (4th Level Test 3) to get scores towards All Breeds this […] Continue Reading

Woodland Stallion Station One Day June 2022

We had such a blast at Woodland Stallion Station’s one day. With the weather projected to be 105 in the afternoon, Keila’s team did an incredible job getting everyone in and out before it got too hot. Highlights below, so proud of everyone and their ponies! Special shout out to Alyssa, Bethany and Summer for it being their first show […] Continue Reading

Shelly Siegel Dressage June 2022

BEST ventured up to Woodbridge again and the weather couldn’t have been more different than a couple weeks ago! Rain! In June! Fritz and Anna went to get some extra dressage practice and earned two super scores at Training Level including a 67.692%! Well done Anna! Brenda and Trevor went out again at 4th level for two more good (and […] Continue Reading

Woodside May 2022

So much fun to see the new xc courses at Woodside! Amelia M and Lucky had a fabulous weekend at BN, just adding some time to their score for having a little too much fun on xc! Lauren and Tiny finished on their dressage score in their first show together and Tiny’s 2nd event ever! Amy and Kaz had their […] Continue Reading

Marin Chapter Show May 2022

Team BEST took two trailer loads of horses up for the Marin Chapter Show this year and we had a great day! All riders had scores over 60% for all of their rides, we had beautiful weather, and lots of learnings were had! Bianca and Delightfully Dandy (and he certainly is delightful!) continue to develop their new partnership and had […] Continue Reading