About Us


Brenda Peters-Beare

USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist

Born with a passion for horses, Brenda has spent most of her life working with and learning about the horse and she feels very fortunate to be able to share her experiences, knowledge and passion with others

Brenda has owned and operated Beare Equestrian Services and Training (B.E.S.T.) since 1993. In both Dressage and Eventing, Brenda has successfully introduced horses and riders to the sport, many of them excelling to win local, state, regional and national awards.

Brenda believes in continuing education, as she feels that there is always something new and valuable that someone can teach us, and with horses, the learning never ends. Brenda started taking professional riding instruction at the age of 10 and has tried not to miss an opportunity to learn ever since. Brenda gained experience with different riding styles and disciplines for several years before finding her real niche was in the sport of Dressage and Eventing. She regularly clinics with FEI Dressage trainer and USEF “R” judge Heidi Gaian and her eventing coach is past USEA president, Brian Sabo. Over the past years, Brenda has participated in many clinics and trained with professionals such as Alfred Knopfhart, Gerhard Politz, Gunter Zach, Rachel Saavedra, Bruce Davidson, Richard Mead, Capt. Mark Phillips, Jil Walton, Denny Emerson, Joe Farges and many others. Brenda also attends and participates in symposiums, seminars, lectures and workshops put on by USDF, CDS, USEA and other equestrian organizations.

Brenda accepts and enjoys working with riders of all ages and levels of experience who share the passion for horses and the desire to learn more about them.

Brenda has been successful working with all types of breeds and finds that creating a partnership with each one has been very rewarding.


Kyana Sazegari

Assistant Trainer

Kyana joined B.E.S.T in 2013 and has since then proven to be a great asset to Brenda’s professional team. Kyana started riding when she was five years old at a local barn in Los Altos where she first realized her passion for horses. She was hooked immediately!

When she was sixteen she discovered eventing and fell in love with the sport. Since then Kyana has brought many horses up the levels, including her current upper level mount Bo who is competing at the intermediate level. Originally from the South Bay area, Kyana moved to the East Bay in 2012 to further her eventing education. She has trained and cliniced with professionals such as Lainey Ashker, David Acord, Hawley Bennett-Awad, Dayna Lynd-Pugh, Janelle Dunn, Heidi Gaian, Buck Davidson, Boyd Martin and Brian Sabo.

Kyana has been teaching professionally since 2010 and uses positive reinforcement and her enthusiastic personality to help her students to achieve the goals they desire. Kyana believes in not only teaching a solid riding foundation but also the values that go hand and hand with riding and competing such as hard work, confidence, compassion and good sportsmanship.